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About Us

About LTC Healthcare

Family owned, 30 years

Is a UK based company with manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and Thailand and has been providing quality condoms and safe sex products since 1993. We are a trusted supplier to the National Health Service (NHS) for over 25 years and a manufacturing partner to a number of other leading brands. We pride ourselves on our loyalty, honesty, integrity and in providing a professional service. LTC Healthcare is a family-owned business owned by Andy, Jenny and Jill Taylor. We have a close-knit team with a vast wealth of commercial experience.

Mission Statement

To encourage, empower and educate people to practice safe and consensual sex and other healthcare practices in a way that provides freedom, enjoyment and equality whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our Values

Honesty, integrity and transparency is at the forefront of what we do. We believe in a world that is fair across the consumer journey and this starts directly from our independently audited supply chain. 

As well as being a socially responsible manufacturer, we believe in providing our customers with premium quality, innovative and exciting products that will encourage and promote a world of better healthcare.

Our Vision

Put simply, our vision is to create a world of better healthcare, by design. We aim to provide the most premium quality products that are available on the market. However, our vision is that by 2030, everyone in the UK and Europe will have, fair, equal and unbiased access to sexual health products and services, no matter who or where they are. LTC Healthcare will play a small part in making this vision a reality – however we are committed to making this happen.

Our Quality Standard

As a leading healthcare company, we are committed to the gold standard quality. LTC Healthcare has achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 status and is committed to the continuous improvement of our products, our services and the environment.

Our brand portfolio has achieved various benchmarks of quality including CE Mark status, British Standards Institute (BSI) Kite Mark, Vegan Society Certification, PETA Approved and FDA Approval.

Company profile

Our Accreditations

animal testing free peta vegan approved
Unlike other condom manufacturers, no animal testing is used. All testing is In vitro (done in the laboratory within the confines of a test tube or laboratory dish).
vegan condoms
All EXS condoms are free from any animal products or by-products – there’s no meat, milk, cheese, eggs, wool, honey leather etc. used in the product or production of EXS condoms.
fda approved
FDA has been granted for the manufacturing of condoms at our Malaysian factory and can be requested for condoms that are to be sold in the US.
This standard is used by LTC Healthcare to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.
eu legislation EEA
Our products are all compliant with the relevant EU legislation and the product may be sold anywhere in the European Economic Area (EEA).