Introducing the New EXS Oral Dam

Puddle Agency

LTC Healthcare is delighted to announce the launch of our brand new product, the EXS Oral Dam. This industry-leading product is one of the first dams to be fully CE certified on the market and is ready to be supplied across the UK, Europe and beyond! Fully compliant with the ISO 29942 Standard, LTC Healthcare designed the EXS Oral Dams …

Arab Health 2022


LTC Healthcare is excited to announce that we will be attending the Arab Health 2022 exhibition between the 24th and 27th of January this year! This will be our 5th visit to the Dubai World Trade Centre and needless to say (having not attended a physical event abroad since 2019) we are extremely excited! Arab Health is the largest gathering …

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Condom Sizing


According to the NHS, condoms are 98% effective as a form of contraception. The added benefit of using condoms is that they act as a barrier, which means, not only do they protect against unplanned pregnancies but also against the spread of STIs.  Whilst the above shows how effective condoms can be, there are certain factors which may lead to …

Yorkshire Based Condom Company


‘How does a Yorkshire based company end up making their own brand of condoms?’ is a question we get asked most days. The answer however is not that complex! Our journey started in 1993 by selling ‘mail order’ Durex condoms through various popular magazines of the time. Whilst we had some success from this business, we noted there was a …

Thin Condoms… What’s All The Fuss About?


This week’s blog article focusses on thin condoms and why they differ from ‘regular condoms’. Over the past 10 years condom manufacturing technology has moved on drastically. Gone are the days where the thinnest condom you could get resembled a hollowed out car tyre! Many popular brands have invested in R&D to develop their technology and have created their own …

LTC Healthcare are now the official UK Distributor of My.Size Condoms


LTC Healthcare is pleased to announce that we are now the official UK distributor of My.Size condoms. My.Size condoms come in a wide variety of sizes including 45mm, 47mm, 49mm, 53mm, 57mm, 60mm, 64mm, 69mm and 72mm. In addition, we are able to supply pack sizes of quantity 3, 10 and 36 condoms. This German brand of condoms provides the …

Halloween condom


October. It can only mean one thing. Halloween. Well… it also means rain, dark nights, wind, rain, binge eating and more rain. However, at least we have the joys of apple bobbing – albeit Covid-19 secure – and questionable costumes to keep us entertained during these long (no pun intended) winter nights! This year why not celebrate Halloween with this …

EXS Strawberry Sundae making its way on to Women’s Health Mag


Wow! We are extremely proud to see our flavoured condom ‘EXS – Strawberry Sundae’ making its way on to Women’s Health Mag list of ‘17 Best Flavoured Condoms’. The article was published on the 19th July 2021 and has been a *tasty* hit for EXS condoms this summer. However, we wanted to take the opportunity to show that EXS flavoured …

LTC Healthcare to donate 50,000 condoms to deserving causes worldwide


We are delighted to announce that LTC Healthcare and EXS condoms will be giving away 50,000 free condoms to deserving causes every year. LTC has given free condoms to worthy causes throughout the years, but this is the first time we have set a target of how many we aim to give away. In the past, we have not recorded …

LTC Healthcare Go Green


New LTC Healthcare Condom Demonstrator Launch In 2021 LTC Healthcare decided to invest in new tooling to have our condom demonstrators made in the UK thus reducing our carbon emissions. The product is made fully from recyclable Polypropylene (PP) and is available in bright Lime Green! Condom demonstrators are a useful and important resource used by many schools, colleges, and …

EXS launches its new eCommerce website


Customers can now shop and buy EXS condoms and lubricants direct from our new retail website. Use the link on the top bar to see the full range of EXS products available.  

EXS Condoms Go Vegan


Great news!!!! We are Ethically manufacturing our EXS condoms in our factory in Malaysia. AND EXS Condoms are 100% VEGAN! In vitro testing has replaced all animal testing. Are All Condoms Vegan? When people choose a condom they are not only choosing a brand that they deem to be safe and reliable. Now, they are also considering other factors such …