One of the Thinnest condoms in the EXS range – The Air Thin

February 15, 2021

What is so Special about the Condom?

The EXS Air Thin condom is one of the thinnest condoms of the EXS Range.

We are very proud to have created this Special condom, with its 0.045 mm thickness it is nearly 0.020mm difference with our EXS Regular condom which is0.063mm thick.

The sensations that you can feel by wearing the EXS Air Thin is way higher than with a regular condom.

What are the characteristics of the Air Thin Condom?

The Shape of the Air Thin Condom

The EXS Air Thin, has a Flared shape at the end.

The width at the bottom is of 56mm growing into a 65mm at the end for a better & comfier fitting.

The Thickness of the Air Thin Condom

The EXS Air Thin, as mentioned before, is one of the thinnest condoms of our range.

A  0.045 mm thick condom will enable you to feel even closer to your partner, like you have never felt closer before when wearing a condom.

The Length of the Air Thin Condom

The EXS Air Thin is as long as a regular condom.

Its 191 mm length can fit the regular size with ease, so do not worry!

What are the Pack Sizes available?

At LTC Healthcare we have developed our range in a way that it would suite any way.

Our condoms can be purchased in various pack sizes:

  • 3 Pack – A condom box which contains 3 condoms.
  • 12 Pack – A condom box which contains 12 condoms.
  • 144 Pack – A Clinic box which contains 144 condoms.
  • 5 x (100) Pack or 500 Pack – A bulk pack size, this size is packed as 5 x 100 condoms.