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Condom Sizing

December 13, 2021

According to the NHS, condoms are 98% effective as a form of contraception. The added benefit of using condoms is that they act as a barrier, which means, not only do they protect against unplanned pregnancies but also against the spread of STIs. 

Whilst the above shows how effective condoms can be, there are certain factors which may lead to condoms failing during those intimate moments including; using condoms past their expiry date, opening the condom using your teeth or jewellery and using the incorrect size.

This blog reviews incorrect sizing and what people can do to ensure they choose a condom that is the correct size for them. 

We often hear people say that they cannot find the right size condom, be it too big or too small, however, EXS condoms come in a wide range of sizes, starting from EXS Snug Fit (with a width of 49mm) through to EXS Jumbo (69mm). 

If a condom is too big, there is a risk that the condom will simply ‘slide off’ during those intimate moments. This can potentially cause lead to unplanned pregnancy as well as the risk of spreading STIs. The same goes for a condom being too tight, if the condom is tight around the penis, this can cause the condom to break or tear. 

So what can a condom user do in order to try and find the correct size? Most condom brands recognise that a one size fits all approach does not work. This means they produce a range of  different sizes, the same goes here with EXS condoms. We have condoms that range from 49mm in width through to 69mm and this 20mm range allows most people to find that sweet spot. What we recommend is that a user purchases a couple of ‘samples’ of condoms and explores, in their own time without being intimate with a partner, which sizing option works best and feels most comfortable for them. Word of warning, we do not encourage you to experiment with sizes when engaging in sexual activities for the reasons stated above. However, in your own time you should be able to ‘assess’ how each condom ‘feels’ for you.

For more information on condom sizing, please visit the NHS website or speak to your sexual health practitioner.