Introducing the New EXS Oral Dam

June 16, 2022

LTC Healthcare is delighted to announce the launch of our brand new product, the EXS Oral Dam. This industry-leading product is one of the first dams to be fully CE certified on the market and is ready to be supplied across the UK, Europe and beyond!

Fully compliant with the ISO 29942 Standard, LTC Healthcare designed the EXS Oral Dams to aid the prevention and minimise the spread of STIs and other infections throughout the community.

Similar to Dental Dams, the new EXS Oral Dam is a flexible, yet strong, piece of latex that works by protecting against direct mouth-to-genital or mouth-to-anus contact during oral sex. What differentiates the two is that a Dental Dam is designed specifically for the dental industry, whilst oral dams are designed for sexual health purposes.

With a surge in growth, oral dams are becoming an extremely popular way of protection with more and more consumers choosing to use this method of protection to support safer sex practices. LTC Healthcare’s own research has shown that sales of dams (with the purpose of protecting against STIs) are growing roughly ~60% year on year. The growth in popularity shows that as an industry we need to continue educating and encouraging the use of safer sex products, including the EXS Oral Dam.

EXS Oral Dams are neatly presented in display cases containing 100 individually packaged oral dams and are available at an introductory offer price of £75 per 100 dams or £65 per 100 dams when purchasing 2 or more cartons (+200 dams)! What’s more, we specifically chose the design of the packaging to be suitable for all users. With a gender-neutral colour palette, EXS Oral Dams are the perfect choice of dam for both retail and public health outlets. The EXS Oral Dam is available in 9 different languages meaning instructions for use are easy and clear to read for many people!

Andy Taylor (Managing Director) had this to say on the launch:

“We are very excited to finally announce the release of the new EXS Oral Dam. EXS is a leading brand for sexual health and wellness products across the UK and Europe. By creating our first CE marked Oral Dam, we can support more people throughout the community by providing better access to safer sex”.

EXS Oral Dams are available to purchase from the 22nd of June 2022. Whether you are a retail/wholesale customer or a Public Health Body (including schools, charities, NHS or local authorities) contact one of our friendly Account Managers today to discuss how LTC Healthcare can support all your sexual health and wellbeing requirements!

Contact: or call +44 01423 326687.