LTC Healthcare are now the official UK Distributor of My.Size Condoms

October 21, 2021

mysize condoms

LTC Healthcare is pleased to announce that we are now the official UK distributor of My.Size condoms.

My.Size condoms come in a wide variety of sizes including 45mm, 47mm, 49mm, 53mm, 57mm, 60mm, 64mm, 69mm and 72mm. In addition, we are able to supply pack sizes of quantity 3, 10 and 36 condoms.
This German brand of condoms provides the users with the comfort of knowing that no matter your size, there is a condom for you. In addition, My.Size is made of Vytex latex which is an alternative to traditional forms of natural latex. With a lower protein count, some people may potential find Vytex condoms a cheaper alternative to non-latex or (PU) condoms!

Andy Taylor, LTC Healthcare Managing Director, said: “We are extremely pleased to be announced as the official UK distributor of the MY.Size brand. We have been working with Amor over the past 30 years and are really proud to collaborate together once again being named as the UK distributor and UKRP for the MY.Size brand”.

Alongside our own brand of condoms, EXS, LTC Healthcare can now provide our customers with a complete range of condoms with various types and sizing options.

Please email to obtain your copy of the My.Size wholesale price list for 2021.

For more information on any of our products, including My.Size, please call our office on +44 01423 326687 or email the team at