LTC Healthcare to donate 50,000 condoms to deserving causes worldwide

August 26, 2021

We are delighted to announce that LTC Healthcare and EXS condoms will be giving away 50,000 free condoms to deserving causes every year.

LTC has given free condoms to worthy causes throughout the years, but this is the first time we have set a target of how many we aim to give away.

In the past, we have not recorded the number of condoms given away or actively promoted that we are willing to work with organisations with regards to free condoms.

The giveaway is not limited to UK based organisations and charities but is open to those all over the world.

Andy Taylor, LTC Managing Director, felt it was time to establish a yearly target as part of their corporate responsibility and moral obligation to help.

“We have always been open to working with charities and organisations all over the world,” said Andy.

“We have helped organisations in the UK and even distributed condoms to Africa through a charity’s request. As a company, we have always found it our responsibility to help people who reach out to us. We have obliged on many occasions in the past, but we feel like it has not been enough, which is why we felt the launch of the 50,000 giveaway was needed.

“Introducing this giveaway gives us a target to achieve every year and will no doubt help more people who are connected with these charities and organisations than we have ever done before. We invite any organisation or charity in the world to get in touch and tell us how these condoms would aid them in the work they do for people.”

Condom Giveaway Requirements:

  • You are an organisation, charity or volunteer
  • Your organisation does not already receive free condoms
  • Your organisation does not have access to funding for the purchasing of sexual health products
  • You can clearly demonstrate how the condoms will benefit your project or local community

Previous Giveaway Examples:

  • A homeless charity based in the UK who wanted to provide free condoms to the users of their service
  • A volunteer who was travelling to Africa as part of a charity initiative who wanted to give the local people free condoms

To enquire on behalf of your organisation or charity, please email for further details.