Need Hand Sanitisers? Don’t worry we have got what you need!

February 15, 2021

LTC Healthcare the UK’s largest independent supplier of sexual healthcare products have launched a range of Hand Sanitisers to tackle the growing concern of Coronavirus ( Covid-19).

Why have we decided to supply Hand Sanitisers?

LTC Healthcare sell over 1 million sachets and bottles of water based personal lubricant to the NHS and Private customers, and contacted their manufacturing company to produce Hand Sanitisers in order to provide a cost effective much needed product for the UK market.

The Hand Sanitisers produced for us contain 65% ethyl alcohol and are effective in destroying most bacteria and viruses.

The Hand Sanitiser will not dry a person’s skin and has a pleasant smell.

Different types of Bottles

We are able to provide the Hand Sanitisers in a range of Bottle sizes including

  • 50 ml,
  • 250 ml and
  • refill 5 litre containers.

LTC Company Objectives

  • Widely distribute Hand Sanitising Gels
  • Offer affordable products without exploiting customers
  • Offer environmentally friendly refill containers
  • Be able to deliver next day in the UK
  • To give away Hand Sanitisers free of charge to members of the public

LTC Healthcare are now expanding the range of products that we offer to our customers and as a result of Covid-19 see a great demand for affordable Hand Sanitising Gels, Face Masks & Antibody Tests.


Customers can buy as little as 55 x 50 ml Bottles,


25 x 250 ml Pump Bottles.


50 ml Bottle: Price From 65 pence excluding VAT

250 ml Pump Bottle: Price From £1.75 excluding VAT

Small Bulk Discounts are available and can be discussed with our sales team. If you wish to discuss further please contact us via the Contact Form or call us +44 1423 326687.