Looking to Private Label Condoms?

February 15, 2021

LTC Healthcare can Manufacture them for you!

LTC Healthcare, who have been a supplier to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) since 1993 are the producers of the popular EXS branded condoms with sales of over 12 million condoms per annum.

Best Selling Condoms

Sales of EXS condoms include the sale of EXS Air Thin which is one of Europe’s thinnest quality condoms with a condom wall thickness of 0.044 mm.

Sold in 5x(100); in 12 condoms pack & 3 condoms pack.

Amongst the other top selling products of EXS condoms are EXS Regular, EXS Black latex, EXS Strawberry, Cola, Bubblegum and Chocolate as well as EXS Ribbed and Dotted condom which is a ribbed and dotted condom with a wider flared tip for comfort and safety.

Innovations at LTC

EXS condoms are continually looking for new innovations and have launched the new EXS Nano thin condom which has a silky feel and has a specially formulated Nivea type lubricant applied to the condom.

Sold in 5x(100); in 12 condoms pack & 3 condoms pack.

Why Choose LTC Healthcare when choosing a manufacturing company for private labelled condoms ?

What does the Manager has to say?

Managing Director Andy Taylor of LTC Healthcare:

‘LTC Healthcare have provided Private labelled condoms for many years. However we have seen a recent surge in enquiries for Private labelled condoms. I believe the increase in demand for private labelled condoms is due to a number of factors including the following: ‘

  • We Offer a 1st-class customer service and advice around the production of private labelled condoms,
  • The LTC Team will work with you to choose the appropriate type of condom (such as a Nano Thin or Ribbed and Dotted)
  • Help you decide packaging and foil designs
  • Our low MOQs (minimum ordering quantities) are a great plus for you.
  • We offer the highest quality product from one of the worlds leading manufacturing companies of condoms and condom machinery
  • We will keep in contact with you throughout the process and provide an after sales service in order to continue to provide the quality assurance you need.
  • You will be working with a company with over 26 years of experience in the manufacturing of condoms and lubricant products.
  • We can also offer you to store and distribute your condom and lube products if desired
  • We provide condoms that are Vegan friendly and are one of the few condom producers that have no animal testing.
  • LTC Healthcare and the factories they work with like to ensure workers are treated fairly and factories work to the highest environmental standards (ex: one of our factories is powered by solar energy).

We strongly believe that we are the partner of choice when it comes private labelled condom manufacturing.

If you feel like We can help you, you are right!

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