EXS Air Thin


Smooth, plain, natural latex, flared, teat ended, and silicone lubricated condom

Width: 56 mm
Thickness: 0.045 mm
Length: 191 mm

Product code: 500EXSAIR

EAN (500): 5027701005689
EAN (100): 5027701005672

Quantity: 5 x (100)

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We provide EXS Air Thin 5 x (100) as a poly bag of 5 times 100 condoms.

The Air Thin condoms are also available in various packs sizes:

EXS Air Thin are amongst the thinnest quality latex condoms in the world, they have a comfy 56mm fit, have no latex smell and feel like you are wearing no condom.

Vigorously tested to the European standards and by the British Standards Institute (BSI) This product is extremely thin yet has the strength of thicker regular latex condoms.

The EXS Air Thin 5 x (100) as well as the Nano thin are our two thinnest condoms in the EXS range.

About EXS Condoms

  • EXS Condoms are made from the finest quality silky feel latex,
  • they have no latex smell,
  • and are easy to put on, and extremely comfortable to wear.

Who do we supply them to: 

  • to the National Health Service (NHS) since 1993,
  • a number of the UK’s largest sexual healthcare charitable organisations,
  • a number of the UK’s largest online retailers,
  • and throughout Europe.

How do we test the quality:

Our factories as well as the British Standards Institute (BSI) both test our Condoms.Unlike some brands on the market which only carry the CE mark.

Our EXS condoms have a number of tests performed on them including, each condom being electronically tested for holes, and samples are burst pressure tested for strength. The quality of the latex we use for our condoms and the vigorous testing we perform means we can be confident that EXS condoms are amongst the best quality condoms in the world.

Quality check: Tested to ISO 4074:2015 CE Marked and independently tested by the British Standards Institute (BSI).

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Value Pack 100, ECOpack 500 Discounted


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