EXS Delay (12) Pack
EXS Delay (12) Pack
EXS Delay (12) Pack
EXS Delay (12) Pack
EXS Delay (12) Pack

EXS Delay (12) Pack

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12EXSDEL502770100638910 x 12 condoms
53 mm0.07 mm192 mm
Natural latex, teat ended, and silicone lubricated condom

Each condom is lubricated on the outside (although extra lube maybe required). They have a 1% Lidocaine* anaesthetic lube on the inside. Massage into the head of the penis.

EXS Delay condoms make you last longer during love making!

*About Lidocaine

Lidocaine and benzocaine come with a different chemical structure. Lidocaine is an amide anaesthetic due to its amide chain, and can be broken down by the liver.

  1. Benzocaine is defined as an ester anaesthetic.
  2. Both are topical anaesthetic and numb the skin.
  3. Lidocaine and benzocaine are absorbed at slightly different rates when applied topically.
    Benzocaine is somewhat less water soluble than lidocaine, meaning that it crosses through the tissue less readily when it is directly applied.
  4. Lidocaine is dubbed as a powerful numbing agent than benzocaine
  5. Lidocaine is more potent than benzocaine.

Vegan-approved & Cruelty-Free – We are waiting for approval for vegan and PETA. We take great pride in being cruelty-free with no animal testing whatsoever. Our standards have been awarded by the Vegan Society and animal rights organisation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Quality Testing:

Our factories as well as the British Standards Institute (BSI) both test our Condoms.

Our EXS condoms have a number of tests performed on them including, each condom being electronically tested for holes, and samples are burst pressure tested for strength. The quality of the latex we use for our condoms and the vigorous testing we perform means we can be confident that EXS condoms are amongst the best quality condoms in the world.

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10 x (12) condoms -- no discount / 120 (outer case) x (12) condoms -- discounted