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EXS Global Distribution

With such appeal from many European countries, news about the EXS brand has quickly spread to other continents and our condoms and lubricants are now sold in countries as far away as Mongolia. Our exposure in the Middle East last year reached Yemen and in the Indian Subcontinent we sent our first container out to Bangladesh.

Because we appreciate the hard work that goes into distributing and marketing a new brand, LTC are prepared to offer the right person exclusive distribution of the EXS brand in your specific country.

A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you and will support you with all the documentation and material you require to get started. With the help of our committed team of support staff we will ensure all orders, documentation, deliveries & enquiries are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

We offer an online image and resources portal for all our customers, which gives you access to several digital assets, including product images, logos, and website content to helps support our customers with digital marketing.

As well as offering EXS branded condoms and lubricants we can also provide other products including probe covers and pregnancy testing kits as well as brands that we currently wholesale into Europe.

Our current EXS branded retail packs of condoms have 9 different languages available on them, however we can offer custom packs in other languages if required. (dependent on MOQs and lead time). Languages already on each pack include English, Arabic, French, Spanish.

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Global Distribution Global Distribution
We are looking for distributors around the world. Please contact us today to discuss how we can work together.