EXS Strawberry Sundae making its way on to Women’s Health Mag

September 21, 2021

Wow! We are extremely proud to see our flavoured condom ‘EXS – Strawberry Sundae’ making its way on to Women’s Health Mag list of ‘17 Best Flavoured Condoms’. The article was published on the 19th July 2021 and has been a *tasty* hit for EXS condoms this summer.

However, we wanted to take the opportunity to show that EXS flavoured condoms are more than just strawberries and cream!

Introducing the rest of our fruity line up…

First off, we have the EXS Bubblegum condom. This sweet little number has been tantalising taste buds since 2009 and has blown up with customers ever since!

EXS Cola flavoured condoms offer a refreshing perspective to the condom market. Our customers appreciate the fizz and excitement this condom brings to the range.

Last (but definitely not least!) comes our personal favourite – the EXS Chocolate flavoured condom. This comes in an appetising purple foil with the only downside being that every time we look at them we end up popping to the local shop to stock up on the real thing!

Pssst… a little insider knowledge… what differentiates our flavoured condoms from some of the other brands is that EXS condoms are not just scented but actually taste of the real thing. This helps avoid those awkward situations where the user expects a sweet flavour but instead ends up tasting latex… yuk!

All EXS flavoured condoms are BSI Kite Marked and CE certified which gives the end user the peace of mind that they are using quality condoms. That is why LTC Healthcare and EXS condoms have been trusted to supply the NHS across the UK since 1993.

Whatever you are looking for in a condom – EXS condoms are here for you with a wide range of retail and wholesale packs of our flavoured condoms.

Follow the link for more info about the EXS flavoured condom range or contact for more information.